Sarazanmai PV – third dish

Sara: Sarazanmai, the third dish
Enta: I just do what I want to do, honestly. My career may be long, but since I’m self-taught I’d say it would be presumptions to call myself a pro. The only thing I can say is I guess I’m happy for having met someone who I wanna kiss hahaha*
Sara: The sound of eating, munch munch munch
Enta: Huh, something’s coming out!?

*tl note: not his exact phrase. I’m not 100% on this line, but it’s smth to that extent

Sarazanmai Tsunagaru PV complete ver. translation

Kazuki Yasaka: 
This world is overflowing with connections. 
Blood connections. Town connections. Connections over feelings.
A world where everyone is connected. 
And yet, I wonder why I’m not connected with anyone?

Toi Kuji:
In this town that which disappears is forgotten.
Stores. Buildings. People as well.
They are overwritten by new things.
No one cares about that.
I don’t believe in connections.

Enta Jinnai:
I believe.
What we have is a connection that can’t be broken easily.
We will surely connect once again.

Humans are laughable.
They cling on to brittle connections.
Making assumptions is dangerous.

Without beginning, without ending.
For those who cannot connect
Let’s open up another door now.
Desire or love?

Kazuki: Me and you…
Toi:With you…
Enta:With you…
Reo: With you…
Mabu: With you…
Kazuki: I wonder if we’ll connect?

Everyone: Sarazanmai

Keppi:Don’t let go. Desire is your life-kero.

Sarazanmai “Tsunagaru PV” 2

Second PV for the new Kunihiko Ikuhara original TV-anime Sarazanmai is out!

The video is titled さらざんまい”つながるPV”第二弾 which translates to “Sarazamai ‘connected PV’ number two”

It will be broadcast on the Fuji TV noitamina block staring April 2019.

There will be new updates five weeks in a row. The third one airs on Friday October 19th.