The three colours

Today I was checking out the English speaking side of twitter. A few people there (and I think on some forum also) seem to be equating the three colours, pink, blue and yellow with the pansexuality prideflag, as well as the black and white contrast with the gender dichotomy.

While that would be cool and all, I don’t really think that’s what it stands for. I think we get these specific colours since they’re the primary colours.


I’m not really sure if there’s anything more to it than that. Anime uses a lot of character colours (I’m assuming we get three main characters with these image colours), it’s just a stylistic choice, it makes distinguishing the characters as well as marketing them easier. Furthermore pink, blue and yellow look really good together, since they’re a natural combination.

However since it’s Ikuhara, a pansexual character wouldn’t be revolutionary, same with exploring gender and I really wish we would get to see something exploring that once more.

Since this blog is me salvaging my old tumblr posts I’ll add an old reblog to this by forionby:

The scheme is indeed rather basic, yet it’s funny how the Ikuhara fandom team on Fandom Kombat ‘predicted’ this scheme back in 2015 %))


(design by An4ous)

Further grasping at straws – or not!

Oh bless, I saw someone tweet “since the otter has 36 teeth, I can’t help but think that the number 36 is of importance”

…wait that’s actually a twitter thread that starts with a tweet on how the trailer was released 3/6, the circle or timer in it contains both 36 thin and 36 think lines and the logo for Sarazanmai contains 36 lines both sides (I can’t believe I went and counted them to be sure…)

…they might be on to something with this!