Rutile manga publications

Rutile’s tweeting about the manga their publishing, Reo to Mabu included! 

Ikuhara retweeted this adding in that he wrote the text on the obi for Rokugatsu no Shichisei. It translates to “If there’s no light in the world, there may be love you want to rule”.

Rutile March 2019

Here are some images of Rutile with the newest chapter of Leo to Mabu: Futari wa Sarazanmai.

I think they messed up because they say it’s the eight chapter, but it’s definitely the ninth that has come out. 

The last page of the magazine features an advertisement for Sarazanmai with a comment from Ryo Kato (who’s going to play the different zombies) expressing his excitement for it.

There’s also this announcement on the page of what’s going to be in the next volume of Rutile.


最後回 means “last part”, so I guess the manga will end there, save for any possible extras.