Episode 2 PV observations

Keppi’s like a piggy bank, that’s cute!

The kanji in question is 希 which means hope. It can also mean beg/request or rare. Another way to write it is 稀 which is the kanji Kazuki has in his name (一稀, “the most rare”). I wonder if it could be related to him?

Then we have Haruka, Kazuki’s brother who’ll get a proper introduction. He’s doing the same poses as Sara. I’m still not sure how to interpret these signs. The first ones probably stand for ア and I think the one in this image might references an animal of some sort, but I’m not sure which one (otters??).

It also seems like these two who appear in the OP are their parents, and that they all live together. Although Kazuki’s not present in this scene there’s a spot reserved for him.

Enta seems to have lost his item, or something must’ve happened to it. I saw someone mention that maybe he mixed up his box with Tooi’s and that’s how Enta finds out about Tooi’s secret. I suppose that’s one viable option!

A bunch of lucky selfies! It’ll be nice to see Kazuki crossdress again. I hope we’ll find out more about why he does it and how he really feels about it.

He’ll go to the Hanayashiki Amusement Park in Asakusa. It’s interesting that the pictograms don’t have the same hairstyles as last time, instead they have antenna on top of their heads? They also seem to have wings and striped abdomens like bees. Will their visual style change for each episode? Does it mirror the desire and zombie in question each episode?

I’m not entirely sure how. Boxes and traditional hairstyles don’t really go together, unless the point was to have them be opposites, old and new (but even then it doesn’t really make sense). Maybe there’s something I’m missing or maybe we still don’t have the key to the answer.

Kazuki meets Tooi at the amusement park and they get dressed up as bees, somewhat explaining the pictograms. I’ve never been to Hanayashiki, so I’m not entirely sure what it’s like, however a google search reveals that there used to be an attraction called “Bee Tower”. It closed down in 2016, but maybe they’re still keeping up with the bee theme? Or maybe the anime is set in the past?

The person standing in the middle is a ninja. There’s both a ninja shop and a dojo in Hanayashiki where you can have fun with all kinds of ninja related things, explaining their presence.

Then it seems like Tooi and Kazuki will encounter a cat that they start to chace. Is that the lucky selfie item of the day? Most likely, since Reo and Mabu were dealing with some cat person and a bunch of kitties at the end of the last episode, building up for this.

You should note that they keep holding hands throughout this sequence.

Then the PV ends with shots of Tooi and Chikai drowning/torturing some guy who has a suspiciously similar hair color to Enta. It’s clearly a grown up man (if you can say such a thing when it comes to Sarazanmai, we already have one crossdresser and a guy who looks more like a girl to most) so it could be his father or some other relative. It’s another possible connection between him and Tooi and a reason to why he knows/finds out about his secret.

I’m excited to see Chikai in action. I wanna hear what he sounds like!

Seems like episode 2 will be mostly humorous with some more serious and darker moments, which is exactly what I want from Sarazanmai so it’s looking very good!

Sarazanmai PV – second dish

Sara: Sarazanmai, the second dish
Kazuki: We got turned into kappa. It’s tough. I want to eat cucumbers, right now! But what’s this, they’re not selling cucumbers anywhere?
Tooi: Hey, looks like there are fresh vegetables here
Kazuki: Let’s dig in!
The sound of eating, crunch crunch crunch
Kazuki: Ah I’m feeling well. Huh, something’s coming out!?Sarazanmai PV – second dish

Sarazanmai – Second Dish

STORY: “Sarazanmai” gave them terrifying side-effects. Even then Kazuki wanders around the city looking for today’s lucky selfie item. In an unexpected turn of events he runs into Tooi and the two go along with each other. Meanwhile does Enta know Tooi’s huge secret?

Script: Kunihiko Ikuhara, Teruko Utsumi
Storyboard: Shingo Kaneko
Episode director: Shingo Kaneko