Asakusa Sweets – 10

From the official Sarazanmai Twitter account:

Chapter 10 of Leo to Mabu: Futari wa Sarazanmai is published today in Rutile Sweet #39*! This month the presented Asakusa sweets is Ganso Kimura-ya ningyouyaki honpo‘s “Ningyouyaki”! There are 4 different kinds of Asakusa motifs on these handmade soft doll cakes. With sweet bean paste or without, both were moist, fluffy and delicious!

*corrected 38 to 39 as the tweet got it wrong

Asakusa Sweets – 1

From the official Sarazanmai Twitter account:

As of today the serialization of the manga Reo to Mabu ~Futari wa Sarazanmai~ will start in the manga magazine Rutile. Like Mabu who loves sweet food, together with director Ikuhara we’re introduced to sweets at the site for after recording! It’s a special cake commemorating the first day of recording for Sarazanmai!