Sarazanmai PV – tenth dish

Sara: Sarazanmai, the tenth dish.
Kazuki: It happened earlier, but we became kappa.
Tooi: In order to turn back into humans we need fresh veggies.
Kazuki: Please don’t say that. We won’t become kappa, but useless members of society.
Tooi: Why is there a hole here, oh there are some fresh veggies in it.
Sara: The sound of eating, crunch crunch crunch crunch
Kazuki: Aaah I’m feeling good. Oh, something came out?

Sarazanmai – Tenth Dish

STORY: Kazuki decides to infiltrate the Otter Empire’s hideout once more. Immediately after that Keppi is arrested by Reo. What unknown secret does Keppi, Reo and Mabu hold? Will Kazuki be able to get back the plates and save Enta?

Script: Kunihiko Ikuhara, Teruko Utsumi
Storyboard: Masayuki Kurosawa, Katsunori Shibata, Kaneko Shingo
Episode director: Noriko Hashimoto, Kaneko Shingo

Sarazanmai PV – eight dish

Sara: Sarazanmai, the eight dish
Keppi: This is a cucumber spot kero
Enta: Yahoo so many! Oh? What’s that over there?
Keppi: That’s the cucumber of happiness that only those with beautiful hearts can see
Enta: I knew it! I wasn’t in the wrong after all! It’s good~ I can have countless
Sara: The sound of eating, crunch crunch crunch
Keppi: Oh? Something’s coming out kero

Sarazanmai – Eight Dish

STORY: Kazuki and Enta break up their friendship. Enta is sulking around the neighborhood and happens to run into Tooi’s brother Chikai. Can Chikai get away from Reo and Mabu who want him in for questioning? What are the important memories that’ll be revealed when their feelings mix?

Script: Kunihiko Ikuhara, Teruko Utsumi
Storyboard: Kaneko Shingo, Masayuki Kurosawa
Episode director: Kaneko Shingo

Sarazanmai PV – seventh dish

Sara: Sarazanmai, the seventh dish
Sara: The sound of the telephone, ring ring ring
Reo: Hello, this is the Asakusa Kawauso Police Station. Yes. Yes, yes, I see. We’ll head there immediately
Mabu: I’m home
Reo: It seems like suspicious objects are being dumped. We’re heading to the scene of the crime immediately
Mabu: I just ate some fresh vegetables outside. Ahh I’ve started to feel good
Reo: Hey something’s coming out!!

Sarazanmai – Seventh Dish

STORY: Just before the summer vacation Kazuki and Enta invite Tooi to join the soccer club. Summer was about to begin for the three of them. At that time, an incident occurs and someone destroys the practice spot filled with memories that Enta’s been protecting. Reo and Mabu are scheming something. Now their past will be revealed.

Script: Kunihiko Ikuhara, Teruko Utsumi
Storyboard: Ryunosuke Yoshiyuki (kana?)
Episode director: Yoriko Hashimoto