We’ve reached double digits with the Leo to Mabu: Futari wa Sarazanmai chapters. This time the new chapter can be found in Rutile Sweet, where it’s free for everyone to enjoy and cry over. Chapter ten is longer than usual and probably my favourite so far!


Here’s the cover. It’s fairly basic, although the background is a bit interesting. What is that, some sort of filmstrip?


The chapter begins with Leo, Mabu and Sara sleeping. Sara’s sound asleep, but Leo and Mabu are sleeping restlessly. Suddenly they both wake up exactly at the same time.


Turns out they were both having unpleasant dreams that neither can remember anymore. Leo’s annoyed by it and Mabu wonders if they were having the same dream, but lets go of the thought as it’s not realistic. Leo however grabs on to it, claiming that since Sara seems to hold some mysterious power, they can’t call it impossible.


In the next panel Leo’s standing outside the sarakouban, absentmindedly looking over the city when Mabu calls him back in. Mabu tells him that lunch is ready and scolds him for spacing out while at work.


They’re having hiyashi chuka or cold ramen (chilled Chinese noodles).

Just as they’re about to dig in, Leo stops Mabu and questions his wardrobe choices as Mabu’s only wearing an apron. Again.


Leo yells at Mabu how this is their workplace meaning he can’t show up naked wearing only an apron. Mabu protests that he’ll be done eating in 5 minutes, but Leo insists that even 5 minutes is too much and that he definitely should go change. Yare yare.


Their bickering gets interrupted by a man who stops by the kouban. He’s wearing a pajamas and when Leo questions it he explains that he went to sleep at home, but woke up somewhere close to them. Seems like he was sleepwalking.

The man lives in the next ward over, is barefoot and doesn’t have any money on him. What a troubling situation! Thankfully Mabu’s back fully dressed and offers to borrow him some shoes and money for a train ticket. Mabu searches his wallet for small change and finds 125 yen. Since he went out shopping for food earlier he’s out of money! Leo has to pitch in as well! And he has… 30 yen.


He doesn’t have any bills either, just those three 10 yen coins. When Mabu asks him about a deposit Leo smiles back awkwardly. Mabu can’t believe it, there are still five days until they’ll get their salary, how come Leo doesn’t have more than 30 yen!? Well since Mabu’s there with him Leo figured he’d be able to manage somehow…

Then it’s Leo’s turn to ask Mabu if he has a deposit at the bank to which Mabu has to admit that he doesn’t. Now Leo’s shocked and the sleepwalking man realises how silly these two cops he came to for help really are. He tries to leave, saying it’s fine for him to return back home by foot, but Mabu stops him. 

Then he brings out this:


The poor sleepwalking man is starting to panic. They don’t have to break the piggy bank just for him! Mabu ensures him that it’s just small change that they’ve been saving to cover the cost of Sara’s milk, so it’s not something the man needs to worry about. He cracks it open and a good amount of coins gets revealed. The man gets enough for a train ticket, thanks them and promises to come back to repay them. Mabu also lends him his sandals.

The man thanks them for their help once again, while Leo and Mabu says it’s all fine and that they’re in no hurry to get repaid. Rather he should hurry home because he really stands out looking the way he is.

Leo comments on how you often hear stories of kids sleepwalking, but apparently it can happen to adults too.

Ater waving goodbye the cops turn back to the sarakouban where their by now soggy noodle lunch is waiting for them when another person appears and calls out to them.

It’s Sara. Grown up Sara whose design was revealed the day before this chapter was released.


She calls them “dad”. Both Leo and Mabu are surprised. Sara thanks them for having taken care of her so far. But now Sara must return home. Leo and Mabu are shocked. 

Who is she?


And the chapter ends there!

I can’t believe how well they timed this! I can’t believe she actually showed up! I can’t believe I have to wait for an entire month plus the time it takes for the manga to ship to me to find out what happens next!

Asakusa Sweets – 10

From the official Sarazanmai Twitter account:

Chapter 10 of Leo to Mabu: Futari wa Sarazanmai is published today in Rutile Sweet #39*! This month the presented Asakusa sweets is Ganso Kimura-ya ningyouyaki honpo‘s “Ningyouyaki”! There are 4 different kinds of Asakusa motifs on these handmade soft doll cakes. With sweet bean paste or without, both were moist, fluffy and delicious!

*corrected 38 to 39 as the tweet got it wrong

Thoughts on Reo to Mabu ending

Leo to Mabu ending doesn’t come as a huge surprise. I figured it would happen sooner rather than later because the manga is of a good length already. 

I’m sad it’s about to happen because it’s been a real pleasure to read it each month. I’ve completely fallen in love with Leo and Mabu and Sara’s such a cute baby! It’s been fun to get a glimpse of their everyday life. It’s also unfortunate that we still don’t really know much about any of them. I doubt that the last chapters will give us any real answers because that might take away from the mysteries of the anime, which is about to air soon!

I’m also kinda glad because now I don’t have to keep buying Rutile anymore XD It’s been fun and a cool new experience for me, but also what am I supposed to do with all these volumes? Where am I supposed to keep them??

Rutile March 2019

Here are some images of Rutile with the newest chapter of Leo to Mabu: Futari wa Sarazanmai.

I think they messed up because they say it’s the eight chapter, but it’s definitely the ninth that has come out. 

The last page of the magazine features an advertisement for Sarazanmai with a comment from Ryo Kato (who’s going to play the different zombies) expressing his excitement for it.

There’s also this announcement on the page of what’s going to be in the next volume of Rutile.


最後回 means “last part”, so I guess the manga will end there, save for any possible extras.


The time has come for chapter nine of Leo to Mabu: Futari wa Sarazanmai! As an odd numbered chapter it’s published in Rutile, even if the cover page claims it to be chapter eight. That’s an unfortunate mistake!


The chapter begins with Leo standing outside the sarakobanwhen a child approaches him. Leo asks the young boy if he’s lost, what his name is and if he’s hungry, but the child remains silent. Then the boy barges through into the koban where Mabu’s sitting at a desk. The child hands over a plate calling it a lost item and then he runs away leaving both Leo and Mabu thoroughly confused.


Leo’s trying to make sense of what just happened. The boy called the plate a lost item, lost as in it was left on the ground. Can there be a connection between this plate and the one Sara came riding in on? No, Leo’s been through a similar situation before, finding plates on the ground, and they belonged to a shop. Mabu also chimes in and wonders if the owner will ever show up?

Some time passes and we see the boy come back. Once again he runs inside the koban, leaves a plate on the desk and runs away without saying a word. And then he does it again!


Then we need to take a moment to appreciate Leo getting ready for the day, brushing his teeth and Mabu sitting at the desk reading a newspaper. How cute and domestic!

Anyway, Mabu says that the kid has been doing this everyday, long enough for him to have lost count of the number of plates they’ve received. They continue to question what’s up with all the plates. Mabu suggests a yokai’s behind them, but according to Leo it’s rather the work of a ghost.


They start arguing about which one it is. Mabu imagines a yokai that piles plates and Leo thinks it’s a ghost because there’s a Japanese ghost story that involves a spirit counting plates to find one missing (Bancho Sarayashiki). However Mabu points out that in this case the plates are increasing so doesn’t add up with the lore. While Leo has to admit that, he also points out that there’s no meaning in a yokai that piles plates. Mabu replies that it’s nonsense to try to find any meaning with yokai!

The discussions returns to whether or not the plates are related to Sara and Leo comes up with a horrible scenario: Once they receive enough plates, Sara will get spirited away! Mabu has to calm him down saying it’s just a made-up story.

The following day Leo and Mabu get a visit from the mother of the boy, who brought him there to apologize for playing a prank on them. Another simple and mundane answer to a mysterious and bizarre situation.


There are only two chapters left before the anime (hopefully) starts airing. I wonder if the story’s about to wrap up in any clear way or if we’ll get two fairly independent chapters similar to this one?