Happy 1st anniversary to Sarazanmai!!!

It was on this day one year ago, 11th of April 2019, that Sarazanmai’s first episode aired.

I can’t believe it’s been a year already. So much has happened since then, both in my personal life and worldwide. To be fair, my Sarazanmai journey began two years ago with the first teaser trailer in May 2018, so can you blame me? Back then I had no idea what Sarazanmai would be about, but I knew that it would be my life for the foreseeable future. One year ago I still didn’t know what exactly Sarazanmai would be about, but it had become my life regardless.

It’s been an amazing time to follow the production, share thoughts and theories with other fans, and see the anime deliver. I still can’t believe that Sarazanmai managed to exceed my expectations with such a fun, emotional and crazy ride filled with memorable and lovable characters. I could go on and praise it for hours, but I think this blog speaks for itself with how much I love the anime.

To celebrate, I’m going to join Ikuhara and others for a rewatch. We’ll start in a couple of hours at 7pm JST. I hope you’re able to join us as well!