Sarazanmai 10th episode PV thoughts and observations

The second to last episode and episode preview. It’ll be an intense episode, according to the synopsis Kazuki infiltrates the Otter Empire hideout, Reo catches Keppi and the secret Reo, Mabu and Keppi share will be revealed.

This is the final stretch of this Ikuhara wild ride, hopefully we won’t crash and burn too badly.

The PV begins with Kazuki hugging Enta, which would be really sweet if not for the fact that Enta is dead and might be gone for good if the timer runs out before Kazuki is able to save him. This image radiates stress. At least I’m happy Kazuki’s showing that he cares for Enta!

Both of these shots seem to be from the Kappa statue square.

That means there’ll be multiple Reo and Kazuki interactions throughout the episode, because next up they meet at the hideout. Reo’s pointing a gun at Mabu, Kazuki’s holding on to something, I’m not sure what.

Reo’s pretty far gone. I get that he’s hurt and upset with Mabu, but I wonder how they got into this situation, especially with Kazuki and Enta there, standing next to him not that seemingly worried for their safety. I don’t see Keppi and I wonder if he’s in that package Kazuki’s holding on to (captured by Reo). This is the same place where Keppi talked about saving Haruka through a shirikodama transfer in episode 6, but I don’t see these characters be cooperative enough to go through with it.

Reo’s probably taunting Mabu again, and then he gets emotional.

Mabu’s showing some emotion as well! Aaahhh!!

Enta goes flying and Reo’s holding on to four silver plates. His gun says “fire” so it’s in the same mode as when he shot Enta. There’s smoke coming out of it so it’s been used. Did he (try to) shoot Enta again?

Whatever happened Kazuki catches Enta. There’s been another scene change, they’re running around in the hideout.  

Both Dark-Keppi (Black-Keppi?) and the otter shows up. 

The signs here say “Judgement: Desire”, so unlike with Haruka Mabu(?) will be accepted and won’t return?




Kazuki has a red sheen to him, same as this football. I’m thinking this could be an illusion where he’s playing with it, or maybe he snaps or gets turned somehow and they’re glowing red because of the fire that’ll show up in a sec. They’ve also changed location again, this from the river and Azuma Bridge area.

This performing otter showed up last episode when Reo was having his delusion (at least that’s my interpretation of the scene), so this could indicate another similar situation. The otter could also be joining the fight since it want to protect Dark-Keppi.

Tooi’s upset in the rain. I don’t think we’ll see that much of him in this episode, but I’m assuming he’ll return to Asakusa. I hope that he’ll make it in time…

There’s an explosion on the bridge. I wonder if anyone(/Mabu?) got turned into a zombie since they’re here and the judgement fell on desire? I don’t think it’ll be a typical fight though.

Reo cries some more, Mabu’s serving us this look. Is this from before or after the explosion? I have a lot of questions regarding Mabu’s fate.

Reo kicks Kazuki. With each episode he strays further and further away from being the loveable goof he was in Reo to Mabu: Futari wa Sarazanmai. I’m both interested and scared to see how fans are taking this. I still like him. I tend to like villains and my top list of favourite Ikuhara characters is filled with them. It’s not that surprising considering how many Ikuhara characters are villainous…

A good thing to note here is that Kazuki’s still holding on to the last silver plate. RIP Keppi. We don’t see Mabu in any of the shots from this scene and that’s worrisome. Did Reo actually shoot him? 

Now Reo’s gun is set on “Blood”. That’s new. 

You could interpret it as in he’s out for blood, but why did the setting change from “fire”? Will it gather blood for a transfusion? Does it have something to do with blood connections that get mentioned in the show? As a neat little detail I also want to mention that the kanji for blood 血 looks very similar to the kanji for plate 皿 so this better be good. They must’ve been saving it for the pun/meaning.

Enta’s incredibly close to dying. The red indicates his lifespan and it’s almost run out.

The second set of Kuro Keppi System signs say “Despair: Release”. I’m definitely looking forward to see what that’ll be about. 

Looking at the synopsis again, there’s one image of Mabu in the hospital, which I think relates to the reveal of their secret. The rest of the images are from the Azuma Bridge area and I want to mention buff Keppi, because, well, that’s a sight. I wonder if Keppi’s the one to cause the explosion? Maybe that’s him expanding and blowing up? It doesn’t look like it helps much though, I think that might bring in some slight comic relief into the otherwise very dark episode. 

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