Sarazanmai collaboration menu

There will be a special menu featuring Sarazanmai at the Noitamina Shop & Café Theater in Odaiba, along with the pre-screening of the first episodes every Saturday and Sunday starting April 6th.

Food menu

“Curryecting with you”

Reo’s yakisoba with broccoli served separately

Dessert menu

Kazuki’s shirikodama dessert plate

Tooi’s shirikodama dessert plate

Enta’s shirikodama dessert plate

Keppi parfait

Drink menu

Yasaka Kazuki

Kuji Tooi

Jinnai Enta


Niiboshi Reo

Akutsu Mabu

Collaboration menu benefits

Those who order anything of the collaboration menu will receive special lunch mats

and coasters at random

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