We’ve reached the last chapter of Reo to Mabu: Futari wa Sarazanmai! This month it’s published in Rutile, although the tankobon was published on the same day so I got it instead (yay for saving space and money). In reality, however I’m checking out the e-book version because it’s easier. 

It’s been a long ride (almost an entire year!) so it’s both sad and rewarding to see it come to an end. Please enjoy the conclusion of the series!


The cover for chapter eleven is baby Sara looking cute as ever!

The chapter begins where we were left off last time with a grown up version of Sara appearing in front of Reo and Mabu.


Reo and Mabu are panicking. This person is Sara? Their Sara? Mabu checks the baby bed Sara was lying on and sees that it’s empty. What’s going on? Where is she and what happened to her?

Reo asks grown up Sara if she’s the one who was riding the plate which she confirms. Did several months and years pass for her? Why can’t Reo remember what she was like graduating from kindergarten, during sports day or during the school entrance and graduation ceremony? Mabu imagines what she looked like growing up and collapses while muttering “dad” and “Sara”. He broke down.


Sara’s starting to feel awkward so Reo apologizes to her and asks her to come inside. Then he commands Mabu to get inside as well. They’ll think about it all later.


It’s a bit awkward again… Reo’s apologetic how they’ve really done it now that they can’t remember her growing up. He tells her that her dads are really sorry for it (HER DADS!!!!!). Sara says that she always wanted the three of them to be together, but that they can’t be together anymore. Mabu asks her where she’ll go to, but Sara replies that she can’t tell them. Then she thanks Reo-papa and Mabu-papa for everything up until now.



Sara stands up and sprinkles something sparkly on Reo and Mabu. 


After the daze the cops look at each other and proceed to ask Sara who she is. These expressions are killing me…


Then suddenly this happens, Sara flies up or something and says goodbye.


Next up Sara’s floating over a river. There are a couple of mysterious figures in the background.


Reo comments on the man in glasses, isn’t that the person who visited them earlier in his pajamas? (Also, please note the crown and royal looking cape on the second figure, could it be Keppi who’s the self proclaimed ruler of the kappa kingdom?)


Sara waves them goodbye and they wave her back. Then Sara and her company disappears in a cloud of glitter.


On the next page we see Reo and Mabu suddenly wake up. A dream? Since when have they’ve been dreaming? Has everything that happened today been a dream? Or could they have been dreaming for even longer?

Then there’s a sound – it’s Sara who’s now lying awake between the two of them. Reo picks her up and sees that she has a runny nose. At first he’s scared she’s about to catch a cold, but then his expression changes. At least it wasn’t a dream that they got her. Mabu agrees and the manga ends with the image of the trio happy together!


Look how cute that is!!!! The manga got a happy ending after all, even if this dream business is extremely suspect and will most likely be brought up in the anime again in a less innocent light.

As a bonus there’s still one last image of Reo and Mabu with a text from Misaki Saito thanking the readers. I love how intimate it is!


And that was Reo to Mabu: Futari wa Sarazanmai, the spin-off manga to Kunihiko Ikuhara’s new original anime Sarazanmai. I hope you’ve enjoyed it! I’ve certainly loved getting the manga each month and writing these summaries for it, sharing it with others so that everyone else can fall in love with it too. I could definitely do something similar in the future as well with some other series.

Next you can look forward to an actual scanlation of Reo to Mabu that we are working on right now!!

Thank you for reading!


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