What’s going on and how will Leo to Mabu continue?

I’m trying to guess and imagine what the next chapter will be like, but I see so many possibilities it’s difficult to follow one path to the end.

To begin with I’m super happy Sara’s there to say goodbye to Leo and Mabu. Actual goodbyes are so important. I’m also glad they’re not aggressively forced to part ways, at least not seemingly so.

However there still seems to be someone or something forcing Sara to leave. She might have some kappa-related responsibilities to attend to, assuming she is a kappa-like life form. Maybe she was never supposed to stay with them for any longer than this. I can see a lot of rules and restrictions involving the magic that made her a baby, made her grow up, made her human. Very typical fairy tale stuff of being able to do x thing for y amount of time when z conditions apply.

I wonder if she was an actual baby that needed care and time to grow up, if it’s something typical for her species(?) or if that just happened because she transformed into a human for the first time. I wonder if the whole thing was some sort of experiment, like how humans would react to her, or if it could’ve had something to do with helping her powers emerge and grow? Could it have been a punishment? Or was it something she wanted to experience?

Could she be half-human half-kappa? The kappa mythology includes kappa raping and even impregnating women, maybe someone gave birth to her and abandoned her on a plate on the street, not wanting to deal with her?

I hope that she’ll be able to explain some things to Leo and Mabu and that they’re able to have an actual talk instead of her disappearing right away so that the rest of the chapter will be Leo and Mabu trying to find any traces of her.

I’m not sure at what point she grew up and sneaked out of the kouban, since Leo and Mabu were standing in front of it the whole time, but I’m also not sure if it’s super relevant. There’s also the possibility that the person who appeared in front of them is not really Sara and that the baby’s still inside, but that’s probably not the case.

I wonder how Leo and Mabu will react to her leaving? I’m sure they’ll try to stop her, or maybe they don’t really get that it’s actually her until it’s too late? Will this goodbye give them any closure, or will it leave them devastated?

I wonder what their relationship will be like in the anime, since now we know they’re all still aware of each other, unless someone manipulates their memories or something happens and they forget and lose the memories they once had.

It’s also a bit weird how she has to leave them now, but she’s still present in the anime. Are they still able to meet? When she says she has to go, does she only mean she has to leave their sarakouban and their cozy homelife and not Asakusa in general? Or maybe she’s been gone and has only recently returned. She’s already wearing her idol gear though… How does time flow for her?

I hope we’ll get a heartfelt goodbye and maybe a promise that they’ll meet again. That would be the ideal good, warm, fluffy way to end the manga. The tagline for Rutile is “Boys’ Cute and Sweet Magazine” so it can’t be too sad and cruel. In addition manga’s supposed to stand on its own as well, the ending can’t leave too many loose threads hanging or too many questions unanswered, waiting for the anime to continue the story. At least since the manga’s been published first as a spin-off story, rather than an extra later on I’d say it should work like that, someone else might disagree though. While I think it would be kinda cool to end the manga with some huge mindfuckery never to be explained or expanded on in manga format, it seems like a bad move in general.

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