PreZanmai episode 4

Suwabe uses the same voice as last week to do the introduction and I think it might be Keppi’s voice. It matches the one he uses in the Tsunagaru PV so if you want to hear more of it, please go and check it out!

This week it’s Ikuhara’s turn to ask Suwabe a question and he asks him what his honest thoughts were after reading the scenario for Sarazanmai. Another intimidating question to be asked by the director!

In true Ikuhara fashion there were things Suwabe didn’t understand, but the different pieces fell into place after some explanations. He adds that rather than trying to understand the work logically, it’s better to do so emotionally. With Ikuhara’s works there are always going to be surprises.

Ikuhara remarks that it’s probably impossible to really understand the script. Then he talks about some of his struggles writing and being wrong that I don’t fully follow.

Lastly Ikuhara asks Suwabe once again what his honest impression were to which he responds that he thought it was interesting. It was also strange with the kappa and the shirikodama and he wondered if they can air it on tv, to which Ikuhara replies that they can! It’s a running gag in these talks that they question and confirm that the anime will be broadcast in April.

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