PreZanmai episode 3

This week Suwabe does the introduction using a funny voice and I had to check that my device wasn’t the one acting up XD

It’s Suwabe’s turn to ask Ikuhara a question and he asks what’s important to keep in mind when making the key animation (genga). Ikuhara replies that the first thing to do is to seriously think about what you think of the story. Second, when it comes to original works the time to prepare for them is long. During that those with the money will argue about doing things differently or how it’ll be impossible to do certain things, and during those times it’s important to stick to your ideas regardless.

Suwabe then mentions that there has to be lots of ideas for the work during the long production, which if course was true for Sarazanmai as well. Ikuhara mentions how there were name changes and not just once or for one thing. As an example he mentions claiming that the kappa are definitely kappa and not frogs, despite making the same sound. Ikuhara continues that things can easily get changed 4-5 times and each time something gets changed back to what it was earlier, that’s proof of how strong the earlier idea is.

Then they discuss originality, which Ikuhara considers to be a difficult concept. Making anime isn’t a completely solitary thing; you need to have the staff and the producers on your side or you won’t get anywhere.

Suwabe asks Ikuhara what he does when he feels depressed in order to cheer up and Ikuhara replies that he likes to look at pages with sexy things, which causes Suwabe to burst out laughing. Ikuhara says that it’s a manly/boyish reply. Suwabe suggest other things such as drinking and going out. They talk about that a bit and Ikuhara mentions that he’s someone who easily forgets things. This really has nothing to do with Sarazanmai or even the production anymore.

The talk ends and I understand why they called it “adult” last week, although it wasn’t nearly as bad as what I was prepared to listen to. As always, I wonder what next week will bring us?

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