PreZanmai episode 2

The second episode of PreZanmai, originally broadcast on 12.1. is out on theSarazanmai website.

Like the first episode it begins with Suwabe thanking the sponsors and presenting the show. He actually reads out the entire introduction once again. The talk portion of the program, HanashiZanmai, where he and Ikuhara discusses Sarazanmai doesn’t start until almost two minutes in!

This week Ikuhara asks Suwabe what kind of things he was careful about when working on an Ikuhara production. Suwabe comments that it’s making him nervous to hear such a question straight from the director himself. He then jokingly suggests being careful about not catching a cold and taking care of his health.

For a more serious answer, he mentions always wanting to do his best, no matter what production he’s working on. As for Ikuhara productions he’s already been part of one, Yuri Kuma Arashi. When it comes to original works, works with no original work to go after, he mentions wanting to follow the directors’ instructions, even if it’s not always possible, and wanting to express what the director wants as closely as possible.

Ikuhara jumps in and they start discussing what it was like to record and how Ikuhara would only explain what was going on in the scenes they’d record on that day. Ikuhara goes further into why that is and his whole process. Although I’m more interested in what Ikuhara has to say, Suwabe’s so much nicer to listen to! I really have to focus on Ikuhara’s voice and even then I can’t follow everything he says, so I’ll leave the rest at this.

The episode ends with Suwabe advertising Leo to Mabu: Futari wa Sarazanmai, and Leo and Mabu’s twitter account. He and Ikuhara gives us their goodbyes and the sponsors get thanked once again.

Like last week, we didn’t get any news on Sarazanmai. Instead we got some small tidbits on what it’s like working on an Ikuhara production. I wonder what the next episode will be about?

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