The spin-off manga for Sarazanmai continues. It’s an odd month so chapter eight of Leo to Mabu: Futari wa Sarazanmai is published in Rutile Sweet, where it will be available for free until the 22nd of February 2019.


Here’s the cover for the chapter. I’m not sure what Leo’s up to, especially since Sara’s behind him with Mabu, but he sure looks cute!


The chapter begins with Mabu and Sara visiting Sensou-ji, the famous temple in Asakusa. Mabu’s praying for good health and that even after they find Sara’s parents, there would be some good way she’d become his daughter.

Suddenly he hears a cry for help! There’s a foreign woman in trouble. She speaks a nice mixture of Japanese and English, but luckily her portrayal isn’t cringey (it’s mainly amusing to me to see what she chooses to say in English respective Japanese).

Apparently her baggage has been stolen! Mabu enters cop-mode, asks her for more details and is frantically trying to spot the thief. The woman offers to hold on to Sara while he runs out to find the thief and the stolen suitcase. Mabu doesn’t look too happy about it, but leaves Sara to her care and hurries off.


He calls Leo and lets him know they have another purse snatcher to deal with and asks him to come as well. Leo’s hesitant as he’s pretty far away, but Mabu’s firm and demands that he come quickly. Mabu spots the thief and catches him just as Leo turns up (wasn’t he supposed to be somewhat far away?). However they don’t have time to celebrate catching the thief, as Mabu has to run back to find Sara, leaving Leo to deal with the afterwork.

Back at the temple Mabu comes across an older woman who tells him that Sara was taken to a nearby cafe specializing on Japanese sweets, and then a worker at the cafe tells him to look for her at the back. Both greet him using his name, showing us how he and Leo sure are friendly with everyone in the neighbourhood!

Both the woman and Sara are safe and sound. Sara’s sleeping in the woman’s arms as she calls her cute and comments on how Sara must be remembering her mom.


Mabu doesn’t respond with anything but looks like this



Back at the station Leo and Mabu have a quick and casual talk about finishing the paperwork when Leo notes that something seems off about Mabu. Mabu is wondering if it really would be better to have a mother to raise a child. Leo’s shocked at what Mabu’s saying, since earlier Mabu was the one to say how they would raise Sara together. Mabu continues with how Sara seemed so peaceful while she was being held in the woman’s embrace. 


Now Leo can’t believe what he’s hearing! Sara makes them happy! Compared to women, it’s hard for them because they don’t have breasts, but other than that they’ll make Sara the happiest she can be! That’s what Leo believes.


Sara just mutters “deisshu” in her sleep. Mabu seems to come around and agree with Leo.


The tone shifts for the last page when Leo starts eating some anmitsu (a Japanese dessert made out of agar jelly cubes, anko, fruits etc.) and tastes the anko (red bean paste), which he claims is some of the best he’s ever had. The anmitsu is something the foreign woman gave them as a thank you for helping her and catching the thief. Eating the anko is something that brings Leo happiness as well! Mabu asks if they even made zenzai (red bean soup) to witch Leo agrees and adds that when it’s hot outside it’s nice and chilling.

And with that the chapter ends! It further showed us that the question of whether or not it’s right for them to raise Sara is a major recurring one. Speaking of recurring themes, I’m also super interested in if there’s something more to all these sweets they keep mentioning, in the chapters, advertising for the chapters and on the keeponly1luv (and Lapin Track) twitter account as well. How big of a role are sweets going to play in Sushizanmai?

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