PreZanmai episode 1

I’m listening to the first episode of the SarazanmaiRadio Programme PreZanmai, available on their website under ‘RADIO’. 

First of all, now I finally get all the “good voice” tweets Ikuhara, Suwabe and others were doing last week. Suwabe, being an established seiyuu has a very good, very “showy” voice and then Ikuhara’s just… like a regular person. Kinda dull in comparison, although he’s still good. It’s quite entertaining to listen to them!

Most of the episode consists of Suwabe advertising everything they have going on. He speaks super fast, but luckily it’s easy to follow along when I’ve already read the introduction and know about everything else.

For the actual program (HanashiZanmai) it begins with Suwable asking Ikuhara what inspired him to make Sarazanmai. Ikuhara replies that the number one reason for him is “to make a living”. Lol. Secondary reasons and inspirations are the fact that we live in changing times. For Japan one remarkable event is the end of the current Heisei era, which will occur while Sarazanmai is airing. Ikuhara also mentions new things and old, and how they relate to each other (mirroring what’s said in the tsunagaru PV!). 

Then they bring up how this is an era of connections and connecting. We have smartphone apps and the internet which makes it easy to connect in many ways. They continue with questioning what it means to connect and where we’ll go from here? Everyone from children to working adults are connecting online (save from some older people) and it’s an entirely different world from when we/they were kids. There’s also no going back from this, from the feeling of wanting to connect.

The talk ends in a joking manner when they bring up their own ages saying how they’re just two old men talking about today’s youth, while we’re out here waiting for them to retire! Ikuhara’s making Sarazanmai just so he can feel connected!

All in all it was a pleasant first episode. We didn’t really learn anything new, but it’s always nice with some more insight, even if it was mostly the same things we got to hear during AGF2018. I can’t wait to hear the next one!

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