One thing out of many that I love about Leo to Mabu: Futari wa Sarazanmaiis you never know what you’ll get with each chapter. Let’s see what they’ve come up with for chapter seven!

In this volume of Rutile we also got a coloured page that I posted earlier here. Leo and Mabu look so cool!

The chapter begins with drama as Leo visits the Taito City Office with Sara and gets told to give her up for adoption, because how can two men raise a baby and at a police station of all places? Of course that’s not something Leo could ever do, which he makes very clear. They continue talking about some more bureaucracy, particularly regarding Sara’s name.


Back home Leo and Mabu discuss Leo’s visit and agree on not wanting to give Sara away, because then they wouldn’t be able to spend time with her anymore. They also don’t like the idea of someone changing her name, even if the way they named her was a little weird. Mabu brings up Sara’s parents and mentions how they’re more of a problem for how they left her for them to find on a plate laying on the ground. He asks Leo if he’s ready to return her to her real parents if they ever were to find them to which Leo replies that he has no intention of giving her to anyone. It’s a difficult situation for them because as police officers they also have their duty to try and find them, even if they don’t have anything to base their search on.

Then they have cute domestic moment with Leo feeding and burping Sara and Mabu commenting on how motherly he is. That however results in an argument because what does Mabu mean Leo’s like a mom, Mabu’s the one who’s the mom!!


They only stop arguing once Sara starts crying. Leo and Mabu are quick to find a solution; both of them will be the mom and the dad.


For the last page of the chapter they get a quick visitor, who after apologising for interrupting them as they’re deciding on who’s the father and who’s the mother, asks for directions to the nearest train station. And like everyone else they’ve encountered before, of course he can’t help but comment on how cute Sara is!

Chapter eight will be available online in Rutile Sweet as of this day until the 22nd of February 2019. I hope it’s a bit more lighthearted!


Second best part about this chapter (after Leo and Mabu arguing about their parental roles) was Mabu drinking tea from his  搾♥取 cup. It’s recurring, both in the manga and on their twitter account!

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