Are they human? Is the manga a prequel?

Anonymous asked me this on tumblr:

Do you think Leo isn’t human anymore somehow or is it misanthropy after a bad break up with Mabu(I’m kidding here but he seems very different as you said…)

Here’s my reply:

I’m not sure if he ever was human actually. Both he and Mabu act so ridiculous at times, especially Mabu with his cooking obsession. 

I assume we’ll meet Mabu next week so it’ll be easier to say if anything happened to them then, but so far I wouldn’t rule it out 😛 Most likely something happened to Sara though to make him like that.

mirikins then replied to me:

And this is not a prequel to him meeting them?

To which I continued:

I’d rather say that Leo to Mabu (the spin-off manga) is a prequel to Sarazamai based on the fact that Sara (the baby they find in the manga) could be the same character that is shown in the pv’s, as she’s clearly more grown up in them!


Of course that doesn’t rule out the fact that the pv’s show whatever, or maybe the actual anime is all over the place chronologically. The pictogram humans actually all have what seems to be historical hairstyles, maybe it’s supposed to depict their old fashioned way of thinking, or maybe they actually are from the past and there are some crazy time shenanigans going on?


It’s time for the fifth chapter of Leo to Mabu: Futari wa Sarazanmai. This month I once again had to buy Rutile to read it, but it’s a pleasure and absolutely worth it!

The chapter starts right away by Leo discovering yet another plate on the side of the road. And then another one, and another one…

Sara came riding in one one, but these are smaller so maybe they’re for dogs or cats or- no actually plates aren’t for that at all! After that brilliant train of thought Leo sees a broken plate and a person who’s fallen over; the one responsible for all those plates lying around.


He tried to carry too many plates at the same time so Leo offers him his help carrying them, but instead he notes that Leo’s hands are already full. Leo’s carrying a shopping bag and a bag of diapers, which prompts the question if Leo’s the father of a baby?

Back at the Sarakouban Leo tells Mabu about his encounter.


They talk about what Sara will call them once she starts speaking and how she’ll turn out, being raised by two fathers. (Well, because it’s Sara, according to Leo, no matter what she’ll be cute!)

Mabu then starts fantasising about Sara’s growth and upbringing. How she’ll come to him with flower crowns as a sweet small child, angrily yell at him as a rebelling schoolgirl, and finally thank him for everything he’s done as she’s getting married and starting a new life of her own.


Me too Mabu, me too.

Then they take a moment to wonder if they really can keep going like this. What about Sara’s parents? Mabu gets another one of his moment where he suggests that maybe Sara doesn’t have parents. Since she seems to have some sort of mysterious power, maybe storks brought her into this world? Leo laughs at the idea that God put a baby on a plate for them to find, but finds the thought pleasant.


Sara will stay at their place until she becomes a bride.

The chapter was a little shorter than the previous ones, but made up for that in cuteness! Chapter six is up already, let’s see how things continue for Leo, Mabu and Sara after this charming moment.


“ When Sara starts speaking what will she call us?
Papa? Otousan? Daddy?
…not daddy…

When Sara starts speaking what will she call us?

Papa? Otousan? Daddy?

…not daddy…

Sarazanmai “Tsunagaru PV” 2

Second PV for the new Kunihiko Ikuhara original TV-anime Sarazanmai is out!

The video is titled さらざんまい”つながるPV”第二弾 which translates to “Sarazamai ‘connected PV’ number two”

It will be broadcast on the Fuji TV noitamina block staring April 2019.

There will be new updates five weeks in a row. The third one airs on Friday October 19th.


dyceaverruncus asked me on tumblr:

I’m not able to read Japanese so I wondering if you noticed sose potential theme or story elements in the sarazanmai promo material. Ive heard someone say it’s about bonds but I don’t know the basis behind that .

Here’s my reply:

Oh yeah, it’s most definitely about bonds, being connected, linked or related in some way!

Here’s my translation of the newest pv:

This world is overflowing with connections.
Blood connections, town connections, thought/feeling connections.
A world connecting everyone.
Yet, why can’t I connect with anyone?
I wonder if I could connect with you?

I also translated the initial pv’s here. They also mention bonds/connections as well as desire, not letting it go, something about truth and lies and as you can tell it’s all very ominous.

The word they used for desire can also be translated as lust or appetite, in the first pv’s I think it feels kinda sexual, but then the Leo to Mabu: Futari wa Sarazanmai spin-off manga and all the promos they’ve done for it has been focusing on sweets, so it could be more about that kind of desire, or then the manga is just a fluffier (symbolic?) version of what Sarazanmai will be about (this is almost a given). 

The manga is pretty funny and sweet. If you’re curious about it I’ve been buying it and blogging about all the chapters.

I’m not sure how much of what happens in it will show up in the anime or be relevant for it though.

So yeah, I think Sarazanmai will touch upon loneliness and emptiness and feeling and creating different connections and bonds with others. I think that would be a relevant topic in today’s world. It’s also going to be about desire of some sort and possibly seeking it out/daring to go after it/standing by it? They also mention “the world” a couple of times, so the themes will be grand like that. Then I think Sarazanmai will have some sort of fantasy element, similar to what has been present in previous Ikuhara series, because that’s just what he does and it’s been pretty much confirmed by Sara having a “mysterious power” in the manga, as well as by the kappa that can be seen in the newest trailer.

Sara appears in the PV?

aliasanonyme asked me this on tumblr:

At first when watching the trailer, I was thinking that Kazuki Yasaka and Sara could be the same character… But Since the series seems to be all about connections/links/bounds, maybe there is a connection between this cute boy and Sara?

Here’s my reply:

When I first picked up the manga I was thinking the same thing! Wondering if she could be the protagonist of the anime (even though there had been hints that it would be about a boy and not a girl). Yeah I mean there’s almost bound to be one? Reo and Mabu were introduced as “key characters” and their lives revolve around Sara for the most part, she’s been built up as someone special so she’s gotta have some connection with Kazuki!

Also, I actually think that we get a glimpse of Sara in the trailer! This girl here in the advert:


The pink text below spells out “Sara Television” and I think she has some of the same features as Sara the baby, mainly the eyebrows, eye shape and the way her hair is parted, although it’s not like those things are super unique or don’t change over time.


She doesn’t seem to be someone our protagonist could easily approach, being famous and all, but she also seems super important to the story so I’m sure that they’ll have some sort of connection or bond or fated encounter!

Sarazanmai “Tsunagaru PV” 1

A new PV for the new Kunihiko Ikuhara original TV-anime Sarazanmai is out!

The video is titled さらざんまい”つながるPV”第一弾 which translates to “Sarazamai ‘connected PV’ number one”

It will be broadcast on the Fuji TV noitamina block staring April 2019.

There will be new updates five weeks in a row with the second one airing on Friday the 12th of October.