The fourth chapter of Leo to Mabu: Futari wa Sarazanmai is here! Once again it’s available for free on Rutile SWEET until the 22nd of October 2018.


Aaaaaahhh I love this cover! Mabu has a thing for feeding people Leo and it’s so cute!

The chapter begins with Mabu making ningyou-yaki, those soft “doll” cakes they had in chapter 2. He wants Leo to taste them and compare his to those of the shop. But before comparing Leo needs to cleanse his palate with some tea.


Interestingly the cup on the right spells out 搾取 sakushu which means exploitation. That’s a very weird thing to have on a cup. The one on the left on the other hand spells out 欲望 yokuboudesire and that’s a familiar word for us! This means that exploitation could be another key-word! A while ago I shared some theories and talks on my blog about river otters in Japan and how they’ve become extinct in Japan. Maybe Sarazanmai really will be a take on (over)exploitation as an environmental issue? However Ikuni’s usually more about humans and people being exploited so it’s more likely about exploitation of labour. Definitely something to keep in mind either way as I strongly suspect that exploitation will be relevant in some shape or form!

Note: I’ve been informed that yokubou also has a sexual connotation as in “milking someone dry”. Leo and Mabu are drinking our of cups with sex jokes written on them!

Back to the manga it’s fun to see Mabu be so obsessive again and even nicer to get a comment from Leo how Mabu’s obsessiveness and odd behaviour is not something that he dislikes about him 🙂

When Leo finally tries the cakes from the shop it turns out that they taste amazing, even if he can’t tell what makes the difference. Mabu rants about the process of making those cakes and how you buy ordinary “everyday” ones as snacks from convenience stores and chain shops and “extraordinary” ones for special occasions from specialised stores. According to him ningyou-yaki are usually ordinary, but the the ones from the store that they went to that are homemade are bordering on being extraordinary. Mabu himself makes everyday ones but wants to make extraordinary ones!


Which he yells out to Leo while blushing. And not only that, he wants Leo to eat his extraordinary cakes!

Leo doesn’t quite understand why, so Mabu explains that Leo makes a wonderful face while eating something that tastes good and that watching someone make such a face makes him happy. 


Which means it’s time for Leo to blush as well. 

Next up, for Mabu to proceed with his cake making he needs to get forms or moulds for the cakes. As the forms can be of whatever, naturally Leo suggest that they should get some that resembles Sara’s face. However when they go out to get some, it turns out that making new custom forms is crazy expensive so that’s out of the question.

Luckily (while lying down on the ground from the shock of the 300,000 yen price tag) Mabu comes up with the idea of asking the shopkeeper if she has any extra ones that she doesn’t use anymore. It’s a successful plan and he gets his forms and plans to make some ningyou-yaki as soon as they get back to the station.

Back at the station that “some” turns out to be extravagant amounts. Leo argues that he can’t eat anymore and Mabu retorts that he still doesn’t know how to make them perfectly. Oh and once again Leo begs Mabu to put on some clothes as he prefers to cook in just an apron.


And that’s what the chapters ends on.

Next one will be out as of the 22nd of September in the Rutile manga magazine.


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