Asakusa Sweets – 3

From the official Sarazanmai Twitter account:

Chapter 3 of Leo to Mabu: Futari wa Sarazanmai will be published today in the September issue of Rutile. This month the Asakusa sweet that we’re presenting is NOAKE TOKYO’s “Caramel Bonbons”! After taking a bite the fruit puree melted, getting used to it it’s exquisite and bittersweet!



The second chapter of Leo to Mabu: Futari wa Sarazanmai is here! It’s available for free on Rutile SWEET until the 22nd of August 2018 along with five other series. 

(Good thing it’s free and online, now I only have to worry about spending money and ordering the volumes every other month. It’s quite the relief for someone who doesn’t actually want to buy manga magazines…)


The cover image is of Leo and Mabu with the mysterious baby that they found lying on a plate on the ground at the end of the first chapter. 

The chapter begins with Mabu questioning what they’re supposed to do with the baby, whereas Leo is enamoured by her. Leo thinks they should name her and comes up with… Sara. Sara as in “plate”. 


A plate is what she “rode in on” after all. Furthermore, Sara as a name is suitable both in Japan and in the West. According to Leo it’s the perfect name!

Mabu however, is less impressed. In contrast to the first chapter where he was obsessing over pancakes, now it’s his time to sit back and wonder about what Leo’s up to with his thoughts and actions.  

Then they talk a bit about how Leo learned to take care of babies from his time working a part-time job as a babysitter, until Sara starts crying from hunger which makes both of them panic about getting her some warm milk. It takes so long for it to warm up and reach the right temperature!

Next up they try to look for her guardians around Asakusa. Those familiar with the area can recognize the famous Sensou-ji temple with the Kaminarimon gate, Nakamise-dori street and the Main Hall. Leo to Mabu takes place in real-life Tokyo after all.

While there Mabu notices that Leo gets along well with everyone in Asakusa. A lady gives them some ningyou-yaki, soft “doll” cakes with anko filling, that Mabu finds exquisite. Sweets are apparently his thing and something that this series will keep a focus on. 


Then just as they’re about to leave after an unsuccessful mission of finding any info regarding Sara’s guardians, they encounter a handbag thief!


They corner the thief who catches Sara’s gaze, get’s flustered and drops down on his knees. As he’s taken away by the police, Leo and Mabu stay behind to argue whether or not it was Sara’s “cute aura” that made him regret the theft (Leo), or if he simply gave up after having nowhere to run (Mabu). 

And with that chapter 2 comes to an end. The next chapter will be published in the September issue of Rutile, on July 21st. I can’t wait to see what’ll happen next!