Here are some thoughts I had while reading the first chapter and some info on what it contains!


The manga begins with Leo introducing himself as a police officer working in 浅草皿交番 (Asakusa sara kouban). Asakusa is a district in Tokyo, then we get sara as in plate that ties in with the mystery that is “sarazanmai” although combined with kouban, the word for a small neighbourhood police station, I have no idea what to make of it. It seems that kouban are different in this universe, Leo and Mabu certainly don’t seem like regular people, and actually nothing in this manga seems regular in any way. 


Right off the bat they meet a kid who points them to an American pancake lying on the ground. Mabu then proceeds to eat said pancake to the horror of everyone. 

He really is an oddball of a character. I thought he would be the more sensible one, he seems quite serious with the glasses and hair, but no, he eats off the ground. And that’s just his introduction.

After tasting the pancake Mabu wants to recreate the pancake and I wonder if the police officers in this world are also supposed to act as cooks and that’s why they have the sarakouban, or if it’s just a quirk of his. However, Leo seems confused and reprimands him for baking during working hours, so it doesn’t really seem like it’s a thing.

The chapter ends with them going out to eat some more pancakes, to compare with Mabu’s pancakes, and on the way back they encounter another plate on the ground, although this time with a baby on top! 


The words “it’s wrong to eat babies” are uttered and due to ~various convenient fun circumstances~ it seems like it’ll be up to Leo and Mabu to take care of it.

The next chapter will be out on June 22nd. I wasn’t planning on getting it buuuuuutttt I’m way too curious and impatient to see what’ll happen next in order to actually resist. Lastly, If you have any questions about this chapter feel free to hit me up!