Teaser PV analysis: what ア stands for

I lie, I always lie, of course I’m still here looking things up (or rather I tried and switched to twitter, but since I also started following those people there’s no escape)

You know one thing I’ve been wondering about a lot is those ア inside circles that move upwards in the background in the teasers. With thanks to those lovely twitter people I realised that it could stand for アニマル “animaru = animal” (ah アに丸 that’s funny since the kanji 丸 “maru/mal” means circle we get animal = a in circle!)

So in the teaser when the ア moves upwards, that could represent animals (not necessarily otters) crossing the river! 


さつき  talks about how these animals crossing the “river of desire” can portray “(whether or not) animals adhere to the survival strategies programmed in their DNA*” which connects things nicely with Penguindrum, comparing “desire” to “survival strategy”.

おきしみ‏ points out that the otters are moving along with the desire (in the running text), being flushed away with it, whereas the animals are crossing the river just fine (inside the circles).

So that’s something to think about!

*Kanba’s speech about fate at the end of episode 1 of Penguindrum

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