Teaser PV – wild guessing

Okay, on to more things we can pick up from the teasers and just wild guessing!

I really do wonder about what kind of characters we’ll be introduced to. Not just what their purposes will be, but what their personalities are like, their relations (family? lovers? friends?) and what the gender representation will be (male? female? non-binary?). All Kunihiko Ikuhara’s previous works have focused on females, with Mawaru Penguindrum having a pretty even mix and Yurikuma Arashi having a almost full female cast. In these teasers however we’ve only gotten to hear a male voice. The teasers have also only included the male form as that human symbol, which is worth noting since in the Penguindrum teasers they also used female ones. Additionally in comparison with Penguindrum, in their four teasers all four children spoke, indicating the four main characters.

I do wonder if this means Sarazanmai will have a male protagonist? That would be something new coming from Ikuhara. Furthermore the number 3 is recurring, for example we get three main colours (pink, blue and yellow), the logo contains some sort of infinity symbol looped three times and we can see three human figures standing next to each other in the teasers, so possibly we’ll get three main characters? Not to mention the three sushi plates (that’s a joke on the name interpretations)

Next I want to discuss something I’ve seen people talk about online, could it be BL? Homosexuality is a given with Ikuhara, from everyone being bi in Utena, to some lesbians in Penguindrum (not forgetting about Yamashita either) and then an all lesbian cast in YKA. If Sarazanmai will focus on men though, and with all those mentions of “desire” this gives off a really sexual vibe (which to be fair is always the case with Ikuhara) so that could be something indeed. It’s further backed up by Ikuhara knowingly following both BL and yuri works, he’s said so in interviews and trust me if you follow his twitter you’ll know. He’s also been collaborating a lot with BL manga artists (fun fact! even Chiho Saito released a BL-book. Yes, that Chiho Saito who is famous for going against Utena and Anthy being in a relationship, though she later drew them happily together. My mind is blown and this is all in my twitter feed thanks to him). Oh and we can’t forget about the narrating voice most likely belonging to Junichi Suwabe who’s worked with Ikuhara before with the role of Life Sexy in YKA, and who’s worked before with MAPPA as Viktor Nikiforov in Yuri!!! on Ice, sooo typecasting anyone? Lastly, my favourite theory, and I agree this is slightly more out there than the rest of them, is that Sazaranmai will be the depiction of the love story between Ikuhara and Anno. The continuation of the love story between Kaworu and Shinji as you may. 

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