Sarazanmai – first thoughts

I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have the chance of following yet another Ikuhara anime as it airs, waiting for and following Yurikuma Arashi was so much fun!

I hope it’ll be 2-cour, since while I really liked YKA, it suffered from being too short, Ikuhara is just too ambitious and uses way too much symbolism and repetition for 4-5 hours to be enough. Utena and Penguindrum on the other hand were great and their lengths really helped them be that!

Stylistically I get strong Penguindrum vibes, which is great, it’s my favourite anime of all time, especially thanks to the visual style. Thematically it seems to be a mix of Penguindrum and YKA, the narration being “I’ll tell you the truth, although you’re connected you’re all alone” with mentions of “an empty world” and “desire is your life”, which reminds me of the three bears and the whole “separating wall” and “is your love true” act.

I’m ready for this creature to be the next mascot/animal since that’s a given with Ikuhara anime and I’m lucky I printed and saved several off those Ikuhara bingo sheets, since I’m sure he will be relying on his old tropes, which is what I hope he’ll do because he does them so well and it’s precisely what I love the most. 

There hasn’t been any mention on who will be working on this, other than the story and directing being by Ikuhara, and the studio being MAPPA and Lapin Track. I’m generally positive towards MAPPA, and Lapin Track worked on YKA so that bodes well. 

There will be two more teasers released tomorrow and the day after, hopefully we’ll get some more insight with those. Right now we have a long wait ahead of us, but it’s going to be a fun ride full of mysteries, madness, symbolism and sapphism, because what else is there to expect? 

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